*** PARK PLACE IS STILL OPEN AND WILL REMAIN OPEN  EVEN THOUGH BIG CHANGES ARE COMING!! In the next year Park Place will open an Auction House/Service, while keeping the Consignment Shop OPEN too!!!!! The search is on for a suitable location for our prospective Auction House, as there are too many costly hurdles and Town Codes to satisfy for us to hold Auctions at this location. (These changes would change the character of this old historic building and are not financially doable)  In the meantime, please help me spread the word that we are keeping the Consignment Shop open and welcome new consignments (by appointment)  Stay tuned for future updates.                
~PARK PLACE~  A shop for the treasure hunter in us all!                  PARK PLACE WILL HIT  THE 5 YEAR MARK THIS SPRING!!!   A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR CONSIGNORS FOR MAKING PARK PLACE A UNIQUE DESTINATION!!! We couldn't do it without YOU!
 Our Shop and eventually our Auctions will provide an ever changing selection of Antiques, Furniture, Jewelry, House Wares, Books, and other unique finds, so stop in and see what all the buzz is about! 
Unique furnishings, ArtWe have begun taking information from those wishing to consign items to either the Shop or our future Auctions. If you wish to have us feature some of your items, please fill out one of the forms on the *Contact Us* page, or stop in or call us and get on our list.  It can be a single item or a house full.                                                                             
                            BRING US YOUR GOLD AND STERLING      **Park Place is still buying Gold and Silver    *Did you know most Jewelers keep 50-65% for themselves? Not Park Place!! We pay the highest percent this side of the Hudson!!   MORE $ IN YOUR POCKET!!                                      674-1444

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