PARK PLACE celebrates its 4th year!!!                                                              BIG CHANGES ARE COMING!!  Park Place makes the transition from Consignment Shop to Auction House!!!!!  The search is on for a suitable location, as there have been to many costly hurdles placed before me by the Town of Sand Lake for me to overcome.  Changes that would change the look/charm of this old building, and are not financially doable.  Stay tuned for future updates.   **UPDATE**   We will keep Park Place open for the next few months, as we don't have our Auction House location secured yet.                                                                                                          ***Huge Inventory Reduction Pricing now in affect! 20-75%                
                                                                                                              A SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR CONSIGNORS FOR MAKING PARK PLACE A UNIQUE DESTINATION!!! We couldn't do it without YOU!
~PARK PLACE~  A shop for the treasure hunter in us all! Our Auctions will provide an ever changing selection of Antiques, Furniture, Jewelry, House Wares, Books, and other unique finds.   
Unique furnishings, ArtWe have begun taking information from those wishing to consign items to one of our Auctions. If you wish to have us feature some of your items, please fill out one of the forms on the *Contact Us* page. It can be a single item or a house full.
                                                                                                                                                     **Park Place is still buying Gold and Silver    674-1444

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